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“My wife and I couldn’t be happier to be able to own a home again after having gone through a deed in lieu previously with another home and waiting three years. A friend recommended Richard and his staff and they were right, they were very friendly and made the process so easy it was unbelievable.

Thank you so much for making our dream to be home owners again come true.”

– Harry & Sonia P.

“I’ve been in school for over twenty years and I don’t think I can put into words how grateful Keith and I are to you and how impressed we are with your outstanding professionalism. I’ll try it to say it in my native language, Muchas gracias Rick por toda tu ayuda y apoyo!”

– Melba

“Thank you very much for all your efforts in the successful closing process. Your exemplary customer service and attention to details assured a smooth lending, negotiating and closing process.

I appreciate all your efforts and will highly recommend you all in the future. Thank you again for a great experience.”

– Angie & Kelly

“Thanks again for all your help with my refinance. I cannot express how much this has helped me in my personal life! I have told many people what excellent service I received from Benchmark!”

– Sharon H.

“Hi Kate! I’ve been meaning to write you back for some time now. Thank you so much for the email and checking in. I want to start by telling you how much we LOVE our home and how thankful we are for Benchmark!!!! Thank you for all the Benchmark has done for us! We. We couldn’t be more happy and so lucky like we have been. Our girls love it and they love their schools too! 🙂 whenever I hear anyone talk about moving, Benchmark is the first thing off my tongue to talk to them! I will ALWAYS try to refer friends and family to you all because you all have done so much for me and my family and I cannot thank you all enough!!!!!! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for helping me and my family!!!! I will be in contact with you for the future to refinance my house and I know that Rick looks forward to having me back for business! Lol! ? I truly cannot thank you enough for everything and for helping us be so incredibly happy!!! I hope you all have a wonderful and very thankful Thanksgiving as will I for our first Thanksgiving in our new home! I will be in touch soon for the refinance!! Thanks again!!”

– Lindsi G.

“As a first time home buyer, the process of purchasing was rather intimidating. I relied on my realtor and lender a lot, especially when it came to breaking down numbers, understanding the process, and feeling comfortable with the final terms. I couldn’t have felt better about the relationship I had built with Rick and I really appreciated working with such a personable and thoughful lender. Thanks Benchmark!”

– Maggie M.

“Hi Rick,
I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you did for me. It means so much that we were able to close on time and that we will be getting keys tonight! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me along the way and all of the hard work that you put in to making everything happen! You are awesome!
Thanks again and have a great holiday!”

– Kelsey M.

“We just want to tell you what a professional experience we had with Richard, Greg and Isla. We have not attained a mortgage in years as we have not purchased a new home or move from our home, until last year.
Richard, for one put together some many scenarios for us, and each time he responded in a manner in which we understood and could therefore make a decision for our future.
We would recommend your people and organization to others in the future. For going through the mortgage process, we can say that it was a pretty painless experience.
Please “Thank” the team as they worked well together to put our mortgage together in a timely and professional manner.”

– Troy and Debbie H.


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