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Nervous About Buying? Here’s A Dose of Confidence

Dose of confidence: nervous about buying? Don't be.
If you are interested in buying a house, but do not know what you might need, or whether you can qualify, you’re not alone. Many would-be buyers are intimidated by the thought of what it takes to buy a home. Some wonder whether they can afford to buy, if they have enough saved for a down payment, or if their credit is good enough.

Can You Relate? If So, You’re In The Right Place!

Be confident that you can do it! The basics are pretty simple. To qualify in the current market, you will need a down payment (would you believe that you don’t need 20%), a stable income, and a good credit history.

You will have contact with your lender, your agent, and other professionals whose roles help get you into your home. These pros are also valuable resources on your journey home.

5 Easy Steps

Ready to apply? Here are 5 steps to follow as suggested by Freddie Mac:

  1. Check your credit score and history.
    Though the average FICO score for closed loans was 731 (September 2018 according to Ellie Mae), there are loan products for a wide range of scores. It’s just a good idea to know where you stand before applying.
  2. Gather your documents.
    You will need to be able to verify your income, which you can do with W-2 forms or tax returns, your credit history, and statements verifying cash assets (bank statements, investment statements, and the like).
  3. Contact your loan officer!
    Your loan officer can help you develop a spending plan, help you determine how much home you can afford,review your income, expenses and financial goals, and recommend a real estate agent who knows the market and will work for your best interests. With a pre-approval letter in hand, sellers will see your offer as legitimate, and will be more likely to accept. You may get pre-approved by your loan officer. Don’t have one? Find yours today!Meet our team or contact us today!That’s me! Contact me today, or Apply Now!
  4. Contact your real estate agent.
    Your real estate agent can help you find the right home for you in your price range, be your advocate in pricing negotiations, and be a great source of advice in the specifics of what you’re looking for in a home, neighborhood, and location.

Take Action

Armed with the information above, you are ready to start doing your own research. Just remember to know how much house you can afford, stick to your budget, and be mentally and emotionally prepared. Making dreams come true takes a little effort and responsibility. At Benchmark, we are here to help make it as easy as it can be.

Ready to get started? Apply now. Want to explore your options? Find your loan officer and contact them today!Contact us today!Contact me today!

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